Your Luxury Artificial Grass is hard wearing and requires very little maintenance compared to natural turf. However to keep it in good condition and get the most from your lawn we recommend following these few simple steps:

Regularly remove leaves and debris using a stiff brush, garden vac, leaf blower or a plastic rake to avoid a build-up of organic matter.

As seedlings/weeds can germinate on the top of the grass, an application of a weed killer at least twice a year is paramount. (A long lasting weed-killer may take longer to see results but will create a lasting barrier compared to a fast-acting one.)

Just like real grass if it is walked or played on heavily the blades (Pile) will flatten slightly, we recommended brushing the lawn occasionally to prevent compaction of the blades. They can be raised with a stiff brush, going against the direction of the pile (which is normally facing towards the house on rear lawns).

N.B. Please ensure sources of heat are not introduced to the grass such as cigarettes, candles, BBQs, garden mirrors, bonfires or fireworks as this may melt the surface. It is important not to get any substances on the grass such as paint, chewing gum or adhesives. Do not place sharp objects, such as metal garden furniture, directly onto the lawn as this may cause damage.

Pet Owners: If the grass becomes soiled by dirt or dog mess, remove the bulk and then either hose down, spray with an artificial grass disinfectant and wipe away residue with kitchen towel or alternatively use warm soapy water and a stiff brush.
Rain water will help to wash away any smells but we recommend a light hosing regularly to help wash away urine. If you start to notice a strong smell of urine it may be a build up of uric acid and we recommended treating the lawn with a bactericidal urine neutraliser.

If you require any more advice please do not hesitate to call Lux Lawns Ltd on 01246 418643.

Dealing with dog mess

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If you require any more advice please do not hesitate to call Lux Lawns Ltd on 01246 418643.