Is Lux Lawns artificial grass safe for children?
Yes. All our artificial lawn grasses are completely safe for children, they are super soft to the touch, non-slip and low friction which is why we install them in schools and nurseries as safety play surfaces. Loved by kids and parents alike our lawns give you all the fun of the outdoors with none of the grass stains or muddy mess.

Is Lux Lawns artificial turf safe for pets?
Yes. Pets love our artificial grass. Dogs can run and roll-around without turning your garden into a mudbath! The grass won’t be discoloured by urine and dog-mess can be easily lifted making it a practical alternative to natural grass. All our installs come complete with a sand infill that protects the pile from clawing pets.

Why does a Lux Lawn look so real?
Experience. We have over 15 years experience of artificial grass fitting and our professional installation teams have completed thousands of garden lawn transformations. We only use the latest, high quality products which combine multi-tones and layers with the highest tufting density possible to give you the most realistic lawn grasses available.

What about maintenance?
Our artificial lawns require very little upkeep compared to their natural counterparts - part of the reason why they’re so popular. No mowing, watering, weeding or feeding required. Just brush off any debris/leaves when necessary. To prevent weeds or moss forming on top of the surface, we advise you use a long lasting weed killer solution twice yearly. For more info on aftercare please visit Artificial Grass Maintenance

How long does artificial grass last?
Our artificial grasses typically last up to 20 years dependant on usage and comes complete with a warranty for up to 10 years. All our products are fully UV stabilised.

Why choose Lux Lawns?
Simple! From quotation to completion and beyond we have an industry renowned reputation built on quality and service. You can find out what our previous customers had to say about Lux Lawns on our customer reviews page.

How long does an install take?
Most installs take a day or less. Larger gardens and nursery safety surfaces may require more time.

Can Lux Lawns artificial grass be laid on any surface?
Almost! Artificial grass can be laid on soil, concrete or tarmac to replace an existing lawn, brighten up a patio, revive bland decking or even transform roof terraces and pool sides. Any loose bark chippings, pebbles or exisiting turf will need to be removed before an aggreagate base is installed.

Can it be laid on sloping ground?
Yes. All but the steepest slopes pose few problems.

Will the artificial grass fade?
No. All our products are UV stabilised and guaranteed not to fade in sunlight. Most products come with a 10 year UV warranty.

Does it drain like real grass?
Yes. Our artificial grasses are fully porous just like natural grass.

Are artificial lawns environmentally friendly?
Yes. Artificial lawns prevent the need for pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers which are harmful to wildlife and can help lower your carbon footprint as you won’t need petrol or electricity to power a lawn mower.

Does it feel like real grass?
Yes. Our lawns look AND feel soft to the touch like real grass. Find out for yourself by ordering your FREE samples today!

Will weeds grow through the artificial lawn?
No. Our special installation techniques using a geotextile weed suppressing membrane will prevent weeds penetrating your lawn.
N.B. Weeds can land on the top of the lawn but these are easily removed or can be sprayed with weedkiller with no detriment to the lawn.

Why sand-infill?
The many benefits of sand-infilling are such that nearly all our artificial grass installations come complete with one. Importantly, the sheer weight of the sand stabilises the entire system allowing the grass to compliment the natural contours of your garden promoting a very natural appearance. Sand infilling also helps in the following areas: provides “foundations” at the base of the pile helping the grass to maintain it’s structure, prevents damage from pets, removes static shock risk, reduces likelihood of theft, reduces fire risk.