How to Join Artificial Grass and Create the Perfect Seam

  • 1. Unroll the two pieces of artificial turf side by side ensuring the pile runs in the same direction
  • 2. Fold over the joining edges of each piece back approximately 1 foot
  • 3. Cut a minimum of 3 rows of stitches back, cutting as close to the stitches as possible whilst taking care not to trim any grass yarns. (Try not to penetrate too far through the backing as this can also result in trimmed yarns)
  • 4. Now unroll the jointing tape down the centre line of the join ensuring the shiny side is down and the rough side is up. Fix in place at either end with a nail or adhesive
  • 5. Now fold over the grass onto the tape and bring together ensuring the seam has a 2-3mm gap. Too tight or too much of a gap will result in a poor seam. Take your time to ensure you are completely happy with the look of the join
  • 6. Once the grass is set correctly, fold over each piece back over approximately 1 foot
  • 7. Using a mastic gun apply a bead of adhesive to the jointing tape
  • 8.┬áCarefully bring the seam together (it’s important not to trap the yarns). Once completed, walk along the seam or use a pressure roller to help the grass backing stick to the adhesive

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